3 Disc Neodymium Magnets 45 x 15 mm - B006ICVRK6

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  • dimensions : 45 mm diameter ; 15 mm thickness

  • pulling force = approx. 82 kg

  • Nd-Fe-B ; Ni coating

  • axially magnetized

  • The field of attraction of the magnet is incredibly powerful and is permanent. Our magnets are always separately and safely wrapped. We offer very good discounts for Bulk Buyers. The magnets can be used e.g. for the following purposes: -Building wind generators and wind turbines, -Carrying out experiments, -Inventing diverse devices, -Hanging up objects, -Attaching metal parts , constructions -Picking metal/iron objects out of the water/sand, -Removing calcium from water-supply pipes, -Performing tricks,magician stunts Etc,etc... The magnets can interfere with the following appliancies/devices and must not be kept near them: -measuring equipment -mobile phones -computers -credit and debet cards -watches Etc.... PLEASE READ THE PRECAUTION MEASURES before using the magnets: The neodymium magnets can be potentially dangerous due to their enormous power. Utmost care has to be taken when performing any activities. Separated magnets can unexpectedly attract each other even over a 1 meter distance. When the magnets meet they can shatter and the flying chips may cause wounds. Skin may be trapped between two magnets-wear therefore always appropriate face and hands protection. Heart pace maker's owners should never handle the magnets. In case you have any questions concerning safety , do not hesitate to consult us .

    3 Disc Neodymium Magnets 45 x 15 mm - B006ICVRK6